JCDX works on the principle that executives know their own businesses better than we do. That may seem an odd admission for an advisory firm to make, but it has the considerable advantage of being true. We are comfortable recognizing this fact, as our services are not meant to supplant the experience and knowledge of the executive, but rather to augment these strengths.

What we bring to the table is a different perspective, and our extensive strategic experience in areas key to the executive.

Our approach to providing advisory services is relationship-oriented rather than project-oriented. That means that we provide services in the context of partnering with our client executives, and building long-term relationships. When you think about it, isn't that what you want from a strategic advisor?

Managing Directors

Paul Stukel
Mr. Stukel is the Founder of JCDX, Inc. Mr. Stukel was previously the Co-Founder and President of iLink Global, a Chicago-based provider of internet-based transportation management systems and on-line logistics services, which was ultimately sold to a publicly-traded company in late 2000. Prior to iLink, Mr. Stukel was the Senior Director for Strategic Assessment for The HAVI Group, an Illinois-based $4.0 billion logistics, manufacturing and marketing company. Prior to his work for HAVI, Mr. Stukel spent approximately 10 years at Price Waterhouse (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) in both Chicago and London. Mr. Stukel received his CPA certification in 1989. Mr. Stukel is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Sargon Heinrich (Nexxus)
Mr. Heinrich has served as President and Principal of several companies that he has founded and eventually sold, the most recent being Monolith Interactive Solutions, which was purchased by internet-logistics provider iLink Global in 2000, which was then purchased by Descartes Systems, Inc., a publicly-traded logistics software provider based in Waterloo, Ontario. Previously, Heinrich spent thirteen years with Bechtel Corporation leading domestic and international project management, public relations, project finance, and business development activities. These experiences culminated in his coordination and management role in the extinguishing of Kuwait oil fires after Operation Desert Storm in 1991-1993. Mr. Heinrich is based in Kabul and Dubai.

Nehal Kothari (Nexxus)
Mr. Kothari is the Founder of Ksquare, Ltd., an India-based provider of various products and services ranging from food to pharmaceuticals to Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. In addition, Mr. Kothari is Director of Nova Flexipack Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai-based dynamic manufacturer of plastic flexible packaging. Mr. Kothari has significant experience in developing and managing business in challenging environments like Afghanistan, and has a wealth of international experience. Mr. Kothari is based in Mumbai.

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