Strategic Consulting
  Mergers and Acquisitions
  Financial Management
  Compensation Strategies

Our core services consist of:
Strategic Consulting, including strategic
planning, business plan creation and
analysis, international expansion and market

Mergers and Acquisitions, including target
identification, valuation assistance, negotiation
and execution;

Financial Management, including analysis,
financing strategies, sourcing;

Compensation Strategies, including executive
compensation, equity-based incentive
compensation programs, benchmarking and
401(k) establishment and analysis.

JCDX Advisory Services only provides
consultation in those areas that we have 
relevant, real-world experience.  Let us put
that experience to work for you.

Service Examples
Each member of our Consulting Network has practical, executive-level experience in their field, and can therefore offer realistic, results-oriented solutions to the issues facing our clients. And, more importantly, we’ll utilize our experience to assist in the implementation and fine-tuning of the solution presented.
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