The fact that all principals within JCDX have at some point owned and run their own businesses underscores our ability to provide effective, timely, and efficient interim management services to companies large and small.

JCDX has managed, or participated in the management of, businesses as disparate as a provider of security technology for airports and other secure facilities to a 30 year-old developer of warehouse management software.

Our roles differ by client - from complete executive management responsibility, including fund-raising, to simply interim COO/CFO services - and typically evolve over time. But one thing remains the same: our ability to provide real results through highly experienced professionals and comprehensive services.

Service Examples

Monolith Interactive Solutions, Walnut Creek , CA.

JCDX engaged with Monolith to help them better understand their internet strategy and financial management. JCDX was first engaged as acting CFO and to be chief market strategist. One of the first tasks required was to build a business plan for a global online e~zine to compliment their other marketing and development ventures.

JCDX assembled a team which analyzed and recommended basing the operation in Scotland with the global use of virtual stringers to keep the cost commensurate with revenue. This strategy was successfully implemented.

Subsequently, JCDX was asked to give an assessment of the business strategy of Monolith. After assessing the company's marketplace and cash flow needs, JCDX recommended a growth through acquisition strategy. JCDX was then tasked with coming up with a short list of acquisition candidates and vetting them. Ultimately, Monolith was sought out as an acquisition target, and JCDX was called in to negotiate and manage the sale.

In this single client, we provided interim executives as COO, CFO, and ultimately advised the CEO on all facets of the sale of the company.

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